Builders all pay the Brokers fee, so do NOT go to see ORLANDO New Construction Homes without your Buyers Agent!  ar132933360653818

  • MYTH:  If a buyer goes alone, the builder will reduce the price of the agents commission.
  • FACT:  That will not happen.The base price stays the same and if you come alone, more than likely you will pay more than you need to.

Builders SALES people love to see an unaccompanied buyer…they are easier to “SELL” to.

  • MYTH:  What you see is what you get.
  • FACT:   What you see is what you get ONLY if you pay EXTRA.

Most model homes have an additional 50% of the base price in model upgrades…even the window size may be an upgrade cost.

  • MYTH:  The sales person is so nice and they said they will “take care” of me…
  • FACT:  Their job is to be nice and tell you how wonderful everything is…so that you stay happy and compliant.

Builder Sales people and Sales representatives work FOR the seller, not you the buyer…you are all alone…unless you brought your agent.

  • Fact:  There are builder “negotiables” that you will never know about.  (We will advise you).
  • Fact:  Most buyers cannot pick the best lot for a good resale.  (We know and will help)
  • Fact:  Builders will tell agents more insider information.  (We share all information with you).
  • Fact:  Builders will not explain the contract…(We always read the contract…and the small print).
  • Fact:  Some upgrades will not be a good investment. (We know which are)

It is always in your best interest to bring your Buyers Agent when looking at new construction homes in Orlando.  Smart Home Buyers Choose Exclusive Buyer Agents for representation and don’t try to buy the home alone.  For more information on the NEW HOME Builders in the Orlando Area, please contact us for a quick response.

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