Orlando New Construction

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There is never a shortage of new construction anywhere in Central Florida. New home construction is alive and doing well. There is a big choice of sizes and styles however most new home developments are on the outskirts of Orlando where vacant land is easier to find. Occasionally there is new construction in the Orlando Metro area, but prices in the city are higher. We know which builder is building what and where, so just ask us.

Visiting New Construction Communities

Call us before you visit any new community. The friendly builder representative works only in the builder’s best interest and not yours. They are trained to tell you all the wonderful things about the property and none of the negative, so it is never smart to develop a relationship with the builder sales person whose job it is to sell for the highest price and most favorable terms only for the builder.

Here is a blog/true story that gives a perfect example of what can go wrong when you go alone:

How to lose $40,000 on Orlando New Construction

ealexander_bigstock-Couple-At-New-Home-Site--3018923Builders always pay the real estate agents fee and they will never discount if you go alone. Many times the builder will give extra incentives if you know what to ask for or what to negotiate that is something that homebuyers simply don’t know or understand.

Our expertise is helping homebuyer understand what upgrades will make you money and what upgrades are a waste of money. Not every improvement is considered desirable and we know the difference.

We have years of experience with all the builders in town and can give you advice that will save you money. In addition, we do read the builders contract so that you know what you are signing. Unlike the above news story, we watch out for all the red flags and most importantly we tell it like it is.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation or simply to answer all of your hardest questions. 407-539-1053.