In Orlando Florida Real Estate Agent duties for home buyers may shift daily and sometimes even change every 10 minutes, depending on what house they are showing you. Yes, seriously. Here are a couple of quick rules to follow…

ar137017703446174Every Real Estate Agent in Florida starts off as a “Transaction broker” so unless you have a written agreement with a Buyers Agent, you are on your own.

TRANSACTION BROKERS DO NOT REPRESENT ANYONE…regardless of the misleading words of limited representation. There is NO total loyalty, NO full confidentiality, NO full disclosure…you are working with a “middle” person who just facilitates your real estate transaction. A Transaction Broker cannot offer you any advice that is contrary to the sellers position, who obviously wants the highest price and most favorable terms for themselves.

REAL ESTATE BUYERS AGENTS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME…there are part time “buyers agents” who work in traditional real estate offices that also represent sellers, so may have a conflict of interest when showing certain homes…they may or may not be on your side…and then there are Exclusive Buyers Agents that only and always represent buyers and never work for sellers. Which would you prefer?

ar137017891210944Buyers Broker of Florida is an Exclusive Buyer Agency office that gives 100% loyalty, 100% confidentiality, 100% full disclosure ONLY to the home buyer…never playing both sides of the fence. Call and ask us what they can do for you…407-539-1053.

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