Ok, so former buyer clients of ours contacted us because they were being transferred to another state and needed to sell their house and wanted our advice.

As an Exclusive Buyer Agency office, we only represent the best interest of the home buyer so the majority of buyers that seek our services do so because they understand “agency” and want an agent to work for them.oops

oopsAs we chatted, our clients told us this real estate story: A listing agent wanting to list their house told them that she could represent them…OK that sounded good.

Then they asked her what she would do if she brought the buyer, she quickly said: “As a transaction broker I will represent you both (the seller and the buyer) BUT I WILL REPRESENT YOU MORE….

Hmmmm…first of all Florida transaction brokers are facilitators with no fiduciary duties…so how is she going to represent the sellers more???

When there is NO loyalty, NO confidentialiy and NO full disclosure HOW DO YOU DO MORE OF IT??

Looks like the consumer understands “agency” better than the agent, that is supposed to be practicing it. For no confusion on Exclusive Buyer Representation, call us 407-539-1053

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