Orlando Real Estate Home Buyer or Tire Kicker?   Orlando home buyer

There is a big difference between a Orlando Real Estate Buyer who is serious about buying a home in Central Florida and a Real Estate Tire Kicker who is wasting everyone’s time.  Here is how I can tell:

Real Estate Tire Kicker:

  • Sends an e-mail asking a vague question and only gives first name…no last name, no phone number, or bogus number.
  • Calls the office to inquire about a property but does not want to engage in a conversation.
  • Is on our website searching for homes from $100,000 to $5 Million.
  • Wants to go see property, but does not want to discuss financing.
  • Time frame to buy is open; will wait for the “right” situation.
  • Never asks your opinion about the real estate market, because they already know everything.

Real Orlando Home Buyer:

  • A true Orlando Home Buyer will provide credible information about themselves at first contact.
  • A serious Orlando Home Buyer is eager to know more about areas and price points.
  • A motivated Orlando Home Buyer is willing to talk about their financial capabilities or problems.
  • A determined Orlando Home Buyer will want to know about the home buying process.
  • A real Orlando Home Buyer will search for homes in a specific price range, with a time frame in mind.
  • A ready Orlando Home Buyer will not dance around your questions.

A good relationship between a Orlando Buyers Agent and a Orlando Home Buyer must have open communication and honesty. There is nothing that a buyer can tell me that will shock me or make me blab to anyone.  You will receive 100% loyalty, strict confidentiality, and full disclosure.  So, if you are not kicking tires. call us.

If you are serious about buying a home, we are serious about helping you. Call for a complimentary home buying phone consultation to discuss your needs and learn about your best home buying options

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