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Yes, I know…that is contrary to what the media says…but what do reporters really know about Orlando home sales other than what a couple of their Orlando Real Estate sources say and what the statistics skew?  Not much.  Sorry, I’ll say it again…”news reporters are not in the Orlando Real Estate business…they just report “drama”. 

However, I am in the Orlando Home Buying trenches…daily.  Knee deep in showing property and looking at the Orlando Real Estate Market through a sharp set of eyes, clean glasses and experience.   I sift through hundreds of Orlando Home Sales, searching for the perfect home or making sure that the Orlando Home my buyer wants is worth the money.  I know the market, property values and can separate the good homes from the junk homes quickly.  I submit offers for my clients on a regular basis and the reality is that the Orlando Home Market is not dead.

So here’s my point. 

Orlando Home Sales are not stagnant.  Good properties in Orlando are selling…with multiple offers…and I do not mean just two offers, I mean more than that.  This weekend we had two home buyers make offers on two properties in Orlando. One property got 4 offers, the other had 6 offers.  One buyer did not get to first base.   Our other buyers went well over full price and waived the appraisal contingency…and were still beat out.

These were not wonderfully priced bank foreclosures, or bargain short sales.orlando real estate offers - ealexander_pending.com..they were just nice Orlando Properties at a fair price.  Home buyers from out of state who listen to the news have gross misconceptions about Orlando Real Estate being in the toilet…it is not…Orlando Homes are selling and selling for more than you think.