Last week we had a call from a home buyer being transferred to the Central Florida area by their current national car rental company. Wife was looking for a “Buyers Broker” and considered herself lucky that she found us. relocation management bossWe counseled with them about property values, areas, schools,relocation management boss sent them target properties and got them pre-qualified with the best mortgage broker in Florida. They were ready and coming to town this week….everything was good.

Then silence. No e-mail, no return call, no confirmation.

The dirty story: The relocation management company got a hold of them and convinced them that they would not get all their company benefits if they did not use the real estate agent recommended by them. What a bold faced lie!!!! They simply can’t enforce that!

First of all, THE RELOCATION COMPANY DOES NOT PAY THE BENEFITS…THE EMPLOYER DOES and I wonder how the employer would react if they knew that the relocation management company that they hired was steering their employee AWAY from choosing total buyer representation into the arms of some inexperienced agent that is willing to give up 45% of their commission in order to close anything…

I know the dirty story is all just a big fat lie because in the decades that we have been in business we have had many buyers that ignore the relo company and opt to use us instead or switched to us after they disliked the agent that was assigned to them….and guess what??? EVERY SINGLE PERSON GOT THEIR FULL BENEFITS FROM THEIR EMPLOYER…NO SHORTAGE…EVER! Not only do the relocation companies try to scare the employee into compliance for personal gain, they also attempt to extort referral money from us after the buyers are under contract…the fact is that nothing scares us and luckily some transferees do not scare easily, either.

I love that.

So if you are a home buyer that has a relocation management company breathing down your neck to steer you away from the agent you wish to use just so they can line their pockets with more money….try saying this: “That does not sound right, I will have to check with my employer first”

Now that you know the dirty relocation secrets behind the relocation management lies…are you going to work with the agent of your choice or are you going to let those relocation scammers manipulate you?

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