Wish I could clone my Winter Garden Home Buyers…they were every Buyer Agents dream Winter Garden Home Buyer. 

Here is what made them so special:   love winter garden home buyers

Informed:  the Winter Garden Home Buyers made an effort to get educated about what is going on in Winter Garden Real Estate Market and after analyzing the homes on the internet they wisely bumped their budget up a bit.

Qualified: the Winter Garden home buyers got pre-approved for financing and started their loan application and provided me with a strong pre-approval letter.

Focused: The home buyers decided to view only what they really wanted even though it limited their choices.

Realistic: The home buyers looked at every home with the idea of making it work, instead of looking for flaws.

Decisive: House #6 fit their needs…they stopped looking and made a solid offer…that day.


They got the property and when inspections revealed a few deficiencies they did not not freak out…and were reasonable.

OMG!  I loved them…thank you my perfect Winter Garden Florida Home Buyers.

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