There are many who think that no one is allowed to renegotiate an “AS IS” contract after inspections…. Really? Says who? Show me that rule…renegotiating home inspections

renegotiating home inspectionsAn “as is” contract only means that the seller does not WISH to do any repairs…it does not mean that seller won’t, or can’t…or that the Buyers Agent should not dare ask.

I just had a client buy a house in Windermere that was relatively new and looked good…real good. Come to find out the pool heater did not work, the A/C handler was bad, the salt tank was shot,the dishwasher leaked plus a bunch of more small items.

  • Yes, we had an “as is” contract.
  • Yes, the seller was not obligated to fix anything.

Yes, the seller did fix the 6 items we requested, because sometimes sellers do not even know and are surprised at the extent of their deficiencies….and sometimes they are just classy enough to not want to sell the buyers a faulty house.

from the home buyers:

From: Bobbie ]
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: signed REPAIR ADDENDUM


We cannot thank you enough for everything you were able to get the sellers to do on the house. You are amazing! I was in such shock yesterday that I was remiss in thanking you; my apologies. How in the world did you convince them to do it on an “as-is” sale?
Needless to say, we are ecstatic and looking forward to our closing —

Thank you,


How does a buyers agent do it on an “as is” sale?? VERY SIMPLE…THEY JUST ASK!

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