ar136750287235178First of all, what or who is REALLY a “Top Producer”? According to what?? Who bestowed that title? Where is the crown?

The definition of a “producer” is someone that “creates, manufactures or makes“; “someone that produces goods for sale”. I can only relate that to a farmer that raises crops for the market…those “producers” are important.

Real Buyers Agents in Orlando do not “farm” or “produce” anything…they HELP ORLANDO HOME BUYERS BUY HOMES AT THE BEST PRICE AND TERMS, and I have never heard of any Real Buyers Agent refer to themselves or market themselves as a “top producer”…thank goodness!

Real Buyers Agents in Orlando only use the title of “Buyers Agent”, “Buyers Broker” or “Exclusive Buyers Agent” and “Exclusive Buyers Broker”…no puffery, no elusive titles. Real Buyer Agents are consumer advocates who only “produce” happy home buyers.

For plain ol’ Exclusive Buyers Agents in Orlando that are experts at representing the best interests of the Home Buyer, call Buyers Broker of Florida at 407-539-1053. We welcome your inquiry.

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