“Farming” a neighborhood means you plant your marketing seeds and work it for buyer and seller leads and promote yourself for future business. Orlando buyers agents do not “farm”, they understand and service all areas.

I hear and see a lot of advice for how agents should “farm”. They should pick a neighborhood close to their office or maybe even farm the community they live in…that makes it easier to learn. Or maybe they just look for a neighborhood with a good turn over sales rate. Keep it managable, they advise.

Farming is a great idea for Listing agents that represent sellers and want to put out “Homes for Sale” signs, but a lousy thought for Orlando Buyers Agents. Real Buyer Agents don’t farm a neighborhoods…sorry they just don’t…because Real Buyers Agent should know all locations.

ar134444093323443Real Orlando Buyers Agents know more than the radius around their farm area. The majority of home buyers are from out of town and confused about what their budget will buy or where they will get the most for their hard earned money. A good Orlando buyers agent goes where the home buyers best options are which means that there are no small boundaries or geographic limits. They work all the surrounding counties.

An experienced Orlando buyers agent can intelligently discuss market values in all the towns and cities in Central Florida…yes, it takes years of experience and lots of effort….but there is no substitute for being a Real Buyer Agent Pro.

I cannot remember the last time a buyer told me which neighborhood they wanted to live in, as most home buyers are not sure, and all home buyers want to make the best investment. The typical homebuyer will discuss their wants, needs, budget and drive time to work or other specifics. The Orlando Buyers Agent will know what their best options are so that they home buyer can make the smartest home buying decision.

Buyers Broker of Florida does not have a “farm” neighborhood…they know all of Central Florida…all five counties…call them and test their superior knowledge. 407-539-1053