Buying a Windermere home?  Interview your buyers agent!

Many Home Buyers will interview Buyers Agents before they hire a Windermere Buyers Agent  to work with…a excellent thing to do.  Lets face it having a relationship with a Windermere real estate buyers agent who is going to advise you on your most expensive purchase, is like dating…not everyone is a good fit for what you want.winderemere real estate

Here are some interview tips

1.  Find an agent who advertises themselves as a buyers agent.  Skip the “top producers” as they are focused on getting more listings and will hand you over to the newest member of their team….typically someone inexperienced.  You want someone that is experienced in the business of being a buyers representative.

2.  Ask hard questions…ask them how they would handle situations like:

  • Will they renegotiate a contract after inspections?
  • What will they do if the seller removes the refrigerator?
  • What will they do when you want to buy a house listed by their company? 
  • What will they do if the property does not appraise?
  • Ask them what clauses they will add to the contract to protect you?

Forget about asking them how many closings they had last year…that is irrelevant and does not prove competence.  Instead ask what percentage of their business was buyer representation? It is more important that they know how to read a contract, evaluate a property, negotiate for the lowest price and are savvy when solving problems.

Personality?  Do you want someone who is warm and fuzzy and knows all the stores in the mall?  or do you want someone capable of dispensing solid advice and having the backbone not to throw you under the bus when a conflict arises?  Your wallet will feel the difference.

A good buyers agent will ALWAYS have your back…don’t settle for anything less…but if you are tired of interviewing real estate agents…call us to find a good Buyers Agent for you, anywhere in the US…407-539-1053


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