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Lake Nona, Florida is a hot area… some communities in Lake Nona are just sizzling. The Lake Nona area is a big draw for home buyers due to the planned Medical City that will have  the latest and greatest in Medical technology. Add to that the new top rated Lake Nona schools, new Lake Nona infrastructure and you will understand why Lake Nona is expected to draw the most residents and the biggest growth in Central Florida in the next few years.

The demand for homes in Lake Nona is high, and the prices are climbing.  The high demand and limited supply is driving the home prices up and I expect them to go even higher…

Here are some home buying tips that may make home buying in Lake Nona easier.

1.  Get pre-approved for financing…let a reputable lender pull your credit, verify your documents and provide you with a “good faith estimate” of all your costs to acquire the Lake Nona Property.  Stay off the internet and don’t go to websites where you plug in your information and let dozens of loan officers compete for your business.  It has happened where 67 people pull your credit or spin a tale about a miracle interest rate.  We can recommend several reputable lenders.

 2.  Decide on the minimum size of home you are willing to accept.  Bigger is not always better, and every Lake Nona home purchase is a trade off, regardless of what price range you are buying in.  Focus on what is most important to you….trim your list of “must haves” and keep an open mind.

 3.  Be realistic. This is Florida, where we do not have basements and all wood frame homes are typically high maintenance, due to the humidity.  Big yards in Lake Nona are scarce, as are the kids that actually play outside.  Florida bedroom sizes may be smaller than what you are used to, so try to stay flexible.

 4.  Expect some home buying competition.  When Lake Nona homes are in demand, sellers are not as negotiable and many properties are getting multiple offers, so you might end up in a bidding war.  In that case, you have to keep your offer “clean” and not muddy it by asking for things that you can live without.  Don’t be shocked if the Lake Nona property goes for full price or more than full price….forget about the discount that you get on homes up north.

 5.  Last but not least, hire the right agent.  Don’t call the listing agent who works for the seller…hire an exclusive buyers agent that represents only you and has no motive to push you towards any particular Lake Nona property.  This one decision alone can make your buying a home in Lake Nona a simple pleasure.

We specialize ONLY in helping buyers find the best home…for a no hassle, no pressure, smooth  transaction, call us for resales and all new construction opportunities in Lake Nona….407-539-1053

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