Winderemere Florida has some of the nicest waterfront property around Orlando, so here are some tips on buying a Waterfront home in Winderemere. Located in the town of Windermere, the Butler Chain of Lakes is considered one of Florida’s most sought-after areas of Central Florida lakefront property. The Butler Chain of Lakes encompasses eleven lakes (Lake Butler, Lake Tibet, Lake Down, Lake Sheen, Lake Louise, Lake Chase, Pocket Lake, Lake Blanche, Wauseon Bay, Lake Isleworth, and Little Fish Lake), which have been recognized for their high water quality and animal habitats as “Outstanding Florida Waters” by Florida’s Department of Environmental Regulation.

Try these three steps to buying a waterfront Home in Windermere Florida:windermere chain of lakes

windermere chain of lakes

1. Pick the right agent to buy your Windermere waterfront home. I’m serious. Pick an agent that understands what a muck bottom lake is, an agent who can spot the difference in a good Windermere waterfront property from a lousy lake lot, and an agent who will explore all your best options and not try to sell you one of their own listings. Seriously, you need an Exclusive Buyers Agent that will represent only you and give you the straight story on every lake front property available.

2. Decide why you want your home to be on a Windermere Lake. To boat? to ski? to canoe? to fish? or just a nice view to look at? If you want to jet ski, you will need to be on a lake that allows motor boats…if you just want privacy behind your house, thats a different criteria and lower cost. What is most important to you about buying a Windermere Water Home?

3. Decide on a budget for your Windermere lakefront property. Lakefront homes in Windermere Florida are premium pricing but also have the highest appreciation. The price will dictate many factors: The size of the lake, what the lake can be used for, and if you have access to the Windermere Chain of Lakes, and if so how navigable are the connections? Windermere Waterfront Homes value is determined by which lake the home is on, the location on the lake, the quality of the water, kind of lake bottom, waterfront views, the running feet you own on the water and of course the value of the home on the Windermere Lake lot.

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