ar136787856181648Some Home buyers with no intention or qualifications for buying a Windermere Million Dollar Luxury Home wants to view a few of these million dollar properties, anyway.

There are agents who chomp at the bit to show luxury homes to just anyone…not me. I do not want to waste my time, the listing agents time or mislead the seller into thinking that a “qualified” buyer is actually viewing their property.

This “pretending” simply is not fair to anyone and I prefer to maintain my credibility of working with home buyer clients that have the ability to close on the property that I set the appointment for…there are also listing agents that require documentation before even setting the appointment. That I can understand too.

Some agents think that asking someone for proof of a higher net worth is insulting…I say that it is my buyers agent job to know and clearly understand the budget of someone I am devoting my time, my energy and working diligently for. Besides, home buyers that are serious about buying typically have no problem providing a legitimate pre-qualification letter from their bank or providing proof-of-funds for paying cash.

It is only when a potential home buyer balks at discussing the method of acquisition is when you have to worry. Not all million dollar home lookers, are really million dollar home buyers…some are simply dreamers here on a Disney vacation…and some are…oh well, that is a whole different blog.

As an Exclusive Buyers Agent it is my job to sort it out who is a real buyer and who just wants a tour of million dollar homes.

If you are a Million Dollar buyer who wishes to view a Windermere Million Dollar Homes, that is not a problem, but be prepared to provide proof that you indeed can close on the Windermere Million Dollar Home.

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