I showed Windermere homes last week.  Nice Windermere neighborhood.  Dark Windermere house.

stuffed animal in house

We walk into the great room and froze…spread eagle on the pool table is a 12 foot white wolf skin complete with the head and teeth…as I quickly turn my head I see more dead stuffed foxes, and a bobcat…they were everywhere…even owls and who knows what else…I stopped looking…it was awful.

OK, so I may just be a serious animal lover, but so was my buyer…and the color of the big wolf reminded her of her Siberian Husky Dog.  The energy was dreadful … I was ready to burn sage.  Seriously. What a turn-off!

What was the Windermere Home Seller thinking? Or bettter yet….did the listing agent even see the house? 


We are not in Alaska where you have to hunt for food…this is Florida, a happy place, where the sun shines, flowers grow and eveything is light bright and cheerful… 

I cannot even tell you what the house looked like…that is how fast the buyer left.  What are those dead animals doing inside this Windermere home?

Copyright @ Buyers Broker of Florida 2012 “What are those dead animals doing inside Windermere home?”