What can an Orlando Home Buyer Negotiate?Negotiating for a home in Orlando

As as Orlando Home Buyer you can negotiate pretty much anything…if you are the only person bidding on the property.  Price, terms, deposits, repairs, appliances,  closing costs, title insurance, closing date and even personal property…basically any terms and conditions your heart desires.


If this is a “HOT”Orlando property with other bidders…then you need to give the offer the best chance at acceptance by coming in with a higher price and asking for as little as possible.  Orlando sellers want a simple sale at the highest price and most favorable terms with no hassle or “splitting hairs”.

Will an “all cash” deal win?  Absolutely, if the terms are comparable…but cash alone will not trump a higher price, unless there is a chance the property might not appraise.

In negotiating your orlando home, you  must also consider:  who is the seller? how long has the orlando property been on the market?  how is it priced?  Is it a unique property? and most importantly, how bad do you want it?

We are top notch experienced negotiators so these are things that we can discuss and advise you on before you make an offer…every property comes with different guidelines, so just ask us.

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