Here is an overview of homes in Orlando around the One Million Dollar price range so that home buyers get an idea of what $ One Million Dollars buyes in Orlando.

Currently there are 25 homes priced from $900,000 to $1.1 Million in Orlando.  Of these 25 Orlando Million Dollar Homes, 19 have pools, 9 are on small lakes and 3 are short sales (priced at less than the mortgage owed on the property). There are no bank foreclosures in this group. 

Age of these One Million Dollar Orlando homes range from a home built in downtown Orlando in 1936 to a brand new home built in 2012 in the Lake Nona area. Million Dollar homes in Orlando are a variety of styles.


Square footage for these One Million Dollar Homes ranges from 2,900 square feet to 6,000 square feet with an average of $230 per square foot and a high of $330 a square foot.

There is always a nice choice of One Million Dollar Homes to buy in Orlando, so for more details on available Million Dollar properties or to get a custom list of any properties delivered to you e-mailbox, please let us know your needs. Information compiled from MLS June 2012.

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