Honesty, Integrity and putting a clients best interest first must be a thing of the past…I am finding it harder and harder to find Orlando Real Estate agents that really care about the consumer more than themselves.  Making money is taking precedance over just being honest.

I just looked up what a REO listing sold for that I had an investor offer on last month.  I had an all cash offer, over full price, clean “as-is” contract, all addendums signed and proof of funds….we asked for nothing extra.  It sold for 10% less than our offer, as an “in house” deal. 

To those that are not familiar with the term “in house”, that means the listing agent ignored the higher offers and slipped in his own buyer who offered less money (thousands less than our cash offer)…just so the real estate agent could get both ends of the commision…double the amount.

Is the almighty dollar worth more than doing the right thing? 

In Orlando Real Estate MONEY is talking louder than the desire to be ethical.  What happened to HONESTY in Real Estate?  I don’t know…haven’t seen it for awhile….and it is getting harder to find.

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