An Exclusive Buyers Agent in Orlando is a Florida licensed Real Estate Agent that WORKS in an office that only represents home buyers and NEVER REPRESENTS SELLERS!!

Exclusive Buyers Agent in OrlandoExclusive Buyer Agency is a specialty real estate niche that very few offices qualify for. Do not be confused by the title “buyer agent” that is loosely used by most real estate offices that represent sellers. An exclusive buyers agent never takes a listing, or represents sellers…ever…this eliminates the conflict of interest that is prevalent in most Florida Real Estate transactions.

The benefit to working with an exclusive buyers agent is that they are savvy buyers agents dedicated to taking the role of buyer representative seriously enough to choose not to list properties and represent sellers. There is no double talk with an Exclusive Buyers Agent. You will never have to wonder who your agent works for as exclusive buyers agents only and always work in the best interest of the home buyer…that means ONLY you.

Exclusive buyers agents have no incentive to promote particular properties and have access to all properties; bank foreclosure, short sales, for sale by owner, and multiple listed properties. Exclusive Buyers Agents work in all Central Florida counties often enough to discuss intelligently home buying options that you may not know even exist.

Exclusive Buyers Agents are paid by the listing office, or seller, no differently than any other real estate agent, so there is absolutely no reason not to hire an exclusive buyer agent who will look out only for you.

What the media says about Exclusive Buyer Agency:

KIPLINGER’S: “Exclusive agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyers broker in the first place.” “Exclusive buyer’s brokers work only with buyers and don’t take listings. They are obligated to help you find the best deal and lowest price.”

CONSUMER REPORTS 2005 COVER STORY: “How to protect your biggest investment”…more and more buyers have been asking for a “buyer’s agent” who works exclusively for them, not sellers.

MONEY MAGAZINE: “Confide to a traditional real estate broker that you’re prepared to bid as much as $XX on a house and the broker will tip off the seller. Tell a Buyers Broker and the seller will never know.”

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