I don’t like having to dispute trivia, but sometimes in order to do a good job for my home buyer clients, the small thorns must be addressed. Some home sellers think that every penny they put into something that breaks down is considered a home “upgrade”…and many sellers agents agree with them.

Not so and here is my point: 

“Maintanence issues” are not an “upgrade”. 

If the A/C breaks down and the seller put in a new compressor, than that is NOT an upgrade.  IF however they repaced the seer 14 a/c unit with a larger and more efficient A/C unit, than that is an UPGRADE.  If the seller replaces some of the worn out carpet with economy carpet, that is not an upgrade…it is general upkeep.  If however, the seller instead of putting back carpet, installs hardwood floors, or replaces the vinyl floors with travertine, than that is an upgrade. 

If the seller makes a capital improvement that enhances and increases the value of the property instead of just “maintaining and repairing” than that can be considered an “upgrade” to the property,  Anything else is just maintaintaining the property status quo.

So, what is an “upgrade” when buying a home? Fixing the pool lights is certainly NOT an upgrade!!!

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