Buy a Windermere homeThis is a question that we get asked often and I always have an answer…”it all depends”. Every property is different and I do have a real answer but first I like to “chat” with the listing agent. Sometimes the listing agent will get miffed that I am even asking, but most of the time they will talk some…I like it when they give me some insight into the sellers motivation. Besides It IS MY BUYER AGENT JOB to gather all the information I can when I am an Windermere Exclusive Buyers Agent representing only the best interest of the home buyer buying in Windermere Florida.

So here is my honest answer to a Windermere home buyer offer… based on experience.

  • How badly do you want the property? If this is not the house of your dreams and you are not sure how much you really like the Windermere Home, than you can gamble and just throw out an offer. If however you have been searching for something in particular, and just now found the Windermere home of your dreams, are you willing to chance loosing it over $50 a month in mortgage payments?
  • How long has the property been on the market? If it is a brand new listing, I guarantee that the seller will not be in a big hurry to negotiate much. If it is a stale listing, the seller should be more negotiable, but than I wonder what are the negatives with the house? Good properties in Windermere Florida are not on the market long enough to get stale.
  • Are there multiple offers? If so, than it does not matter if both you and I think the Windermere home is overpriced…you will either need to come up close to full price or more than full price in order to be highest bidder on the windermere property.

Homes in Windermere Florida have a good resale value and good properties move quickly. Before you make an offer on any Windermere property I promise to give you all the information and comps that I have available…I will never hold anything back. Once you have my honest evaluation, the decision on what should a Windermere Home Buyer offer on the Windermere home will always be yours to make. Call me anytime…407-539-1053.

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