Who is really representing you?

Who is really representing you?

Aside from us, maybe no one, so please read carefully

In Florida, most Real Estate Agents represent the seller, trying to get the highest price and most favorable terms for the seller and they can do all that without even telling you.

Florida no longer has mandatory agency disclosures so agents do not have to tell you who they are really working for. Don’t assume that the friendly agent is on your side, because they just might be promoting the property for the seller or advocating for no one. So, unless you are working with an Exclusive Buyers Agent that works in an office (unique and rare) that never takes seller listings and only represents home buyers, you might just be on your own. It’s like going to court without an attorney.

Studies have shown that an unrepresented buyer will more than likely pay more than they need to and not receive the most favorable terms. Read more for your best choice.

What about a Transaction Broker?

The Florida definition says that a transaction broker limitedly represents both parties in the transaction. So what does that mean? Certainly that does not mean what you think that it does…it really means that neither the buyer or seller will receive any fiduciary duties and the agents is legally not allowed to advocate for either party.

Transaction Brokers offer no loyalty, no full confidentiality, and no full disclose. Transaction brokers simply facilitate the transaction. This is not at all what it sounds like and certainly not what an informed homebuyer would choose.

Buyer Agents in a regular traditional office

They can change hats daily. They may be a sellers agent, a transaction broker, or a non-agent and occasionally may even represent the buyer on certain property. Not ideal for a home buyer that wants to rely on a Orlando Buyer’s Agent to represent them 100% of the time.

Best Choice
Exclusive Buyer Agents; the smart choice.

Exclusive buyer agents work in a buyer agency office that never represents sellers. They only and always represent the best interest of the homebuyer on any and all properties. You the buyer will never have to wonder whose side they are on, as every agent in the office is dedicated solely to the home buyers side. Every home buyer needs an agent that they can trust. Check our 5 star reviews and then call us for a confidential chat.407-539-1053