Who needs a 90,000 square foot Lake House in Windermere?

Who needs a 90,000 square foot Lake House in Windermere? Obviously the “Queen of Versailles” who is building it! windermere lake mansionThere is a TV movie/documentary about the biggest house in America, priced at $973 a square foot….yes, that translates to sixty five million dollars( $65,000,000) for 90,000 square feet of a huge Real Estate Mansion right here in Windermere Florida.

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…and no, this is not our listing because our Exclusive Buyer Agency office does not ever represent sellers.

It was listed in 2010 for $100,000,000 and now is $35,000,000 less. Situated on a 10 acre peninsula on Lake Butler in Windermere Florida, it has 13 bedrooms and 21.2 baths and 3 pools…plus a 20 car garage. Is it worth it? I dunno…how will any appraiser determine the value when there is nothing like it?

Meanwhile, I am not sure what to think of this 90,000 square foot Windermere mega mansion…I certainly could never see myself living in it, even if I could afford it…which I can’t. I propably could not afford the taxes for a week….

FYI for those mesmerized…the “Queen of Versailles” is hoping to have her own reality TV show.

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