This morning I was giving Mike an update on a Windermere waterfront home that our client wanted to see…he said “Why buy in Windermere on water if there is no water view? Living on waterfront, is all about the view” How true!

Lets face it, a Windermere waterfront home on a prime lake is pricey…most people want the 180 unobstructed view.. and then there are the homes that have so many trees or are the home is angled wrong or the waterfront home has no windows on the back. What’s the point? What were they thinking? This home could easily have been built and bought for less on a dry lot.

Windermere waterfront homes range from $400,000 to about $8 Million…and yes, a couple much higher.

If you are going to pay extra for water frontage in Windermere, then I think you should not have to stretch over the balcony on the second floor to get a glimpse. You should see it freely from multiple rooms…you need to be reminded daily why waterfront is prime property and you need to see the tranquility and feel the breeze that comes from living on Windermere waterfront.

windermere waterfront

Enjoying waterfront, means seeing actually seeing it.

For a complimentary list of all Windermere water homes or waterfront anywhere in Central Florida…just ask. We love waterfront, know all about it and are willing to chat with you about what may suit your needs. Let us represent your best interests on the best water views in town…or maybe no views if that is what you prefer…407-539-1053


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