The Windermere Real Estate Market is good…real good.  Properties are selling and inventory is shrinking.  The proverbial “supply and demand” is making multiple offers a common occurrence.  It is not unusual to get many offers on a nice home within a day or two, so sellers are getting to pick and choose which offer they like best.  Cash still talks loudest in Windermere Home Buying.

Here is why a CASH offer is still “King” in Windermere…

1.  A CASH offer is usually a solid offer for the seller, so the seller can make real plans to move.  No financing to fall through at the last minute and no delays over an underwriter requesting a yellow copy of a bank statement from 5 years ago years, or the DNA of the mother-in-law who is co-signing.

2.  No appraisal requirement.  Even though the buyer may elect to have an appraisal contingency, it is typically not a deal breaker if it comes in a bit short.  Currently, 30% of appraisals in Central Florida are short and typically a deal breaker for financing, particular when buyers are stretching just to qualify.

3. A few deficiencies on an inspection report will not send a CASH buyer into a tailspin.  A financed buyer may not have extra funds for any repairs or remodel.  A cash buyer typically has extra funds for issues that come up.

Although a low cash offer will not trump a better financed offer…if things are almost the same the CASH will talk the loudest in Windermere Home Buying.

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