Orlando exclusive buyer representationIn the old days when representing home buyers was taboo, I decided to become an Exclusive Buyers Agent. It was an unpopular choice and I got many comments about why in the world I would want to GIVE UP half the real estate business…half of the potential commission lost by not listing property and representing sellers.

Exclusive buyer representation??? Ya, gotta be kidding…but no, I was not.

For me representing only home buyers was an easy choice…I was not giving up 1/2 of the real estate business. By becoming an Exclusive Buyers Agent, I was gaining better business. Home buyers that seek exclusive buyer representation appreciate getting 100% loyalty and the bare bones honesty of an exclusive buyers agent.

No games, no divided loyalty, no pretending to represent two parties with opposing interest…

Exclusive Buyer representation is now globaly accepted and I still love just telling the truth. I don’t have to worry who will hear me as I tell everything to the homebuyer…the good, the bad and the ugly. I never have to wonder what I am allowed to say or who I really represent…and neither does the home buyer.

Exclusive Buyers Agents in Orlando represent only home buyers, and never sellers.

100% Loyalty

100% Confidentiality

100% Fulll Disclosure

What more could the homebuyer ask for? Call the Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents at 407-539-1053

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