reading the new home builders contract

Sounds crazy, but it’s not!  Orlando Buyers Agent always reads the small print in the new construction builders contract in addition to every word in the Builders Contract.  The reason I read the builder’s contracts is so that I can negotiate a better deal for my home buyer client…and also…I admit, I just want to be smarter.  I like knowing exactly what is in the home builders contract before I chat with the builders sales person, because in contract negotiations, knowledge is always power.

Most New Home Builder sales people do not know exactly what is in their own builder contract because THEY NEVER READ IT…I guarantee it!  Many times what the builders sales person says is in direct conflict with what the builder contracts states and occasionally even the managers are not sure what it states either.  They only know what they have been taught to say.  

Last month I got into a debate with the Builders salesperson because I requested that the $20,000 buyers deposit be kept in an secured escrow account instead of the unsecured builders account.  Builder sales person said they had never heard of such a thing!  Yet it is addressed on line 236 of their own contract, as plain as day.  The sales person said that in 19 years no one has ever requested that…really?  Well, OK, maybe no one else reads New Builder Contracts…but I do.  After three phone calls up the ladder,  new home builder manager agreed to keep the money in a safer escrow account.

Sometimes, also what the new construction Builder Contract states may be different from not only what the sales agent says, but also may differ with what is being promoted on their builder website…and that is why Orlando Buyers Agent reads the small print in Builder Contracts.

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