ar137721079368577Windermere Butler Chain of Lakes Home or just a Windermere Lakefront home? The difference may or may not be important, depending on the home buyer lake needs. A home on a Lake in Windermere is typically one that you can boat, ski and fish on but access is limited to that particular lake.

The Butler Chain of Lakes is a group of 11 lakes in Windermere that are accessible to each other. The largest lake on the Butler chain is Lake Butler at about 1,700 square feet and the smallest is Fish Lake at about 24 acres. If you are into boating, the Butler Chain of Lakes is second to none, as you can meander through several lakes on the chain of lakes.

ar137721052197955There are about 60 lakefront homes for sale in Windermere with about 25 of those on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Prices for a Windermere Lake front home starts at about $500,000 while a Windermere Lake front home on the Butler Chain of Lakes starts at about $1,000,000. Homes on a Windermere Lake are selling for an average of about $250 a square foot while home sales on the Windermere Butler Chain of Lakes are averaging about $325 a square foot.

Windermere Lake front home values are determined by the size of the lake, access to other lakes, the water view, the clarity of the water, the running feet along the lake and of course the quality of the home on the waterfront lot


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