Orlando Florida Waterfront property

Do not be fooled by the “WATER WORDS” in a listing. You need to know the difference when searching for waterfront property in Windermere.

Windermere Waterfront means that the property actually touches the lake, pond or canal.  Sometimes your property line may go to the waters edge and sometimes your lot may extend very deep into the lake.

windermere lakefront property

There are 107 direct waterfront homes in Windermere Florida that range from $329,000 to $9.9 Million with an average asking price of $359 per square foot.  A direct waterfront property is valued at a premium depending upon the size of the lake, cleanliness of the lake, what type of boating is allowed, how many running feet you have on the shoreline, and the unobstructed views.

Windermere Water View means that from somewhere in the house you can see the water…it could be from the 2nd floor balcony and a corner glimpse.  It is difficult to gauge how much less these properties are selling for, but just a distant water view is usually nothing to get excited about and is not valued at a premium price.

Windermere Water Access means that somewhere in that community a home owner has the right to access the lake…put in a boat or drop in a fishing line.  Water access could be for the public or could be private only for homeowners in that Windermere lakefront community.  a “Water Access” home does not mean that you can access the water from your backyard.

So, When you  see the words “Windermere Florida Waterfront” don’t get excited yet… search for homes read the description carefully and check to see if this Windermere Waterfront Home  is truly water frontage, water view or just water access.  If in doubt call us and we will tell you.

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