Confidentiality is a must for Windermere Florida Million Dollar Home buyers, so don’t let your agent blab. ar137926640248335 An good Buyers Agent knows when to speak and when to keep quiet and they do not allow home buyers confidential information to leak out…

For sure, the listing agent does not need to know how much the Windermere Home buyer can afford to spend. Never. It is none of their business and it works directly against the million dollar home buyer during home buying negotiations in Windermere.

OK, I get it…the listing agent needs to be assured that the buyer is capable of purchasing the Windermere Million dollar home and is not just a looky lou that wants to view somone’s expensive furnishings. So yes, there can be a pre-qual letter, or a letter from the home buyers financial planner, or a letter from the bank stating that the buyer has adequate funds…but it should be strategically written.

What the listing agent does not need to know is HOW HIGH THE BUYER CAN GO, OR HOW MUCH MONEY THE WINDERMERE MILLION DOLLAR HOME BUYER REALLY HAS. If the property is listed for $1.2 Million dollars and the buyer’s “proof of ability to buy” says the buyer can go up to $1.9 Million, it will kill the Million Dollar Home Buyers chance to get the property for maybe $1 Million.

Listing agents work for the seller…their job it to tell the seller everything about your motivation and your wallet. Don’t be fooled. Get your own buyers agent Exclusive Buyer Agent that will only and always work for your best home buying interests. Confidentiality is not just a word…it is a fiduciary duty that every Windermere Million Dollar Home Buyer desperately needs.

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